Nelson Wong


Professional Skills

User Experience
Interaction Design
Graphic Design

Experience & Activities

Over 30 years in the design profession, encompassing art direction, branding, user experience, research and development, ideation and executive sounding board. Nelson started his career in communications and branding design for Goldman Sachs and Citicorp/Citibank. Afterwards moving on to Sony Music, leading their New Media Lab in developing digitally enhanced consumer products, leveraging emerging technologies, as well as working on early music services (Pressplay, Napster). His role expanded into working with Sony Music’s sister companies PlayStation, Sony Electronics and Sony Ericsson in joint venture developments (PlayStation Portable products, Sony Connect, PlayStation Entertainment Network). Afterwards Nelson moved on to the parent company Sony Corporation reporting to the CTO, where he worked on “disrupting” the corporate silos, focusing on unified user experiences on hardware and software, cross company product development, design research and long term strategies.

After leaving Sony Corporation in 2006 Nelson has been operating as an independent creative consultant with a focus on the entertainment industry. Over the years he has produced works for a variety of artists from Michael Jackson, Ozzy Osborne, Elton John, Glenn Campbell, to Danzig and Soundgarden.

In his spare time Nelson is addicted to the mind/body connection of archery, seeking that one perfect shot, one arrow at a time.