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Braden Mayer

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Artificial Intelligence

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As an Advisor specializing in Artificial Intelligence at Barefoot Media, Braden Mayer brings a keen eye for the evolving landscape of AI technologies. Braden has established himself as an expert in the field, conducting numerous AI workshops and contributing as a speaker and panelist at AI-focused events.

In his role at Barefoot Media, Braden is dedicated to keeping the company abreast of developments at the cutting edge of AI technologies, helping the company understand and leverage the latest advancements in AI and ensuring that Barefoot and its clients stay ahead in their respective markets and industries.

Braden is an avid moviegoer and a passionate fan of live music and sports. He also enjoys exploring the potential of AI beyond the professional sphere, experimenting with AI tools to build innovative programs.

Braden holds a B.A. in English and Film and Television from Fordham University.