Barefoot Media has a wide array of clients across multiple verticals including; Digital Music, Streaming Video, Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Fitness, Clean Energy, Beauty & Fragrance, Food & Beverage and TV & Film.

Barefoot Media Assists Clients with:

  • Go To Market Planning
  • Licensing & Negotiation
  • New Channel Development & Strategic Partnerships
  • Business & Financial Modeling
  • Funding & Investment Materials
  • Strategy, Innovation, Growth & Execution
  • Connectivity To The Right Partners





Bill Campbell - Founder

Deal Packaging, Fund Raising, Business Development, Licensing & Strategy - Bill has held executive roles within the Global Digital Business groups of both Universal Music Group and Sony Music Entertainment assisting the music industry in adapting to and utilizing transformative technologies. Bill has also held senior roles at Sprint, EMI Music, and Clarity Incentive Systems. He is a Company Builder, Angel Investor, Singer/Songwriter and Beef Jerky Enthusiast.




Law Profile



Draper Fisher Jurvetson is a venture capital firm that specializes in the early-stage investment of companies that aspire to disrupt the current technological landscape, specializing in various enterprise and consumer technologies. DFJ is one of the largest venture capital firms in the world, cultivating twenty-four companies that value at over one billion dollars to date.

For nearly fifty years, The Mayfield Fund has established itself as one of the oldest venture capital firms in the United States, investing in over five hundred enterprise and consumer technology companies.

7Digital has a comprehensive musical catalog, with over thirty million tracks available for purchase in both MP3 and higher quality FLAC formats. Businesses purchase these tracks for distribution purposes to their customers, fostering a loyal brand-artist-fan connection.

The third largest company in the global music industry, Warner Music Group is a conglomerate specializing in music publishing and record labels. Warner is responsible for some powerhouse labels such as Warner Bros., Atlantic, and Parlophone Records, among others.

Sony Music Entertainment is one of the largest music corporations in the world, housing some of the most prominent record labels in the industry, including RCA, Epic, and Columbia Records.

A subsidiary of Vivendi, Universal Music Group tags themselves as “the world’s leading music company.” Responsible for hundreds of record labels around the world, including Interscope, Geffen, and Republic Records, as well as Capitol Music Group, Def Jam Recordings, and various other offerings in the UK, Japan, Sweden, and France.

Beggars Music Group is a conglomerate of independent record labels based in Europe. The company is responsible for distributing music from several prominent European labels, including Rough Trade Records, 4AD, XL Recordings, Matador Records, and Young Turks.

Based in Britain, Merlin Entertainments operates resorts, theme parks, and other family attractions in twenty-four countries around the world. Some of the largest properties in their portfolio include LEGOLAND and Madame Tussauds.

The Orchard is a pioneering music, television, and film distribution company, with one of the largest global distributive channels for independent record labels. Independent artists and record labels connect with The Orchard for their diverse organizations that operate in twenty-five different territories across the world.

An operative of Valleyarm, Believe Digital offers comprehensive marketing and distribution services for artists and record labels around the world. Believe provides record labels with the tools and software they need to distribute their music to over three-hundred and fifty different vendors globally.

Medianet is a one-stop shop for both music publishing and licensing services. The B2B-focused company offers various Content Fulfillment and Content Information Services, as well as tools for integration of anything in Medianet’s massive catalog into their clients’ own API.

The Harry Fox Agency is one of the most popular collectors and distributors of music rights management fees and royalties in the United States. They provide an efficient median for publishers and consumers to intersect through, offering a multitude of mechanical licensing and distribution services.

The National Music Publishers’ Association (NMPA) is responsible for the management and representation of songwriters and music publishers, both large and small. Their membership aids songwriters and publishers by offering protection for their copyrighted works.

The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) works diligently to support the creative directions and avenues of record labels and artists across the world. They protect artists from both a creative and financial perspective by ensuring they maintain their first amendment rights and protections under federal copyright law.

One of the largest music publishers in the world, Universal Music Publishing Group (UMPG) is home of the music of many acclaimed singers and songwriters, representing over three million songs through over forty different offices across the globe.

A captain in the music publishing business, Warner Chappell is a world-class publishing group housed in over forty countries, administering music from some of the world’s most classic artists and songwriters.

A true powerhouse in the music industry, Kobalt offers a multitude of resources for established and growing musicians and songwriters, including publishing rights and sync services. Their innovative technology for creators, managers, and more allows for complete, transparent creative control between the songwriter and the service.

BMG is an innovative music company responsible for the management of rights for both publishing and recorded music in the music industry. They establish opportunities to effectively foster and bolster the careers of musicians worldwide.

Marking themselves as “the world’s number one music publisher,” Sony ATV Music Publishing currently owns and oversees over three million copyrighted musical works. Recently acquiring publishing powerhouse EMI expanded their reach even further, providing world-class publishing, sync, and other exploitation services to hundreds, if not thousands, of artists and songwriters.

The Music Business Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to exploring monetization and commerce within the music industry. Members achieve their career goals through various networking opportunities and other essential resources to help build their livelihood more effectively.

Pandora is one of the most popular internet radio providers, providing personally analyzed music recommendations through the first-of-its-kind Music Genome Project.®

The world’s most powerful and comprehensive search engine and information conglomerate, Google provides billions of search queries as well as resources right at your fingertips to help simplify both your personal and professional life.

Facebook is the world’s leading social media sharing platform, with over 1.2 billion monthly active users. The company connects you to friends, loved ones, and colleagues in an easy-to-use, open, highly interactive format.

Twitter is a social media platform designed for users to communicate simply and instantly. With 313 million monthly active users, Twitter offers a platform for users to express themselves through 140-character bursts of thought.

Hearst is a media, services, and information company with a highly-diversified portfolio, with over three-hundred and sixty television, film, and printed media businesses under their wing.

Conde Nast is one of the largest media companies in the nation, housing several of the most iconic sources of printed media, such as Vogue, Vanity Fair, WIRED, and Pitchfork.

Sprint is a top telecommunications company and Internet service provider in the United States, additionally providing service to its millions of customers under its subsidiaries including Boost Mobile, Virgin Mobile, and Assurance Wireless.

Branding themselves as America’s “Un-Carrier,” T-Mobile is a telecommunications company that prides itself on its top-notch service and innovative approach to the purchase and management of wireless services.

Verizon is a global leader in communication technology, offering a multitude of technological services to connect people to each other and to media outlets across the globe.

Apple is arguably the largest technology company in the world, sharing its innovative technology and hardware and software products to millions of businesses and consumers.

A subsidiary of Google, YouTube brings social media to life through user-created original visual content.

With over one hundred million active users, Spotify is one of the fastest growing services for music streaming and consumption on various technological platforms across the world. With integrated social media sharing and expert playlist curation, Spotify makes sharing the music you love with the ones you love as easy as it gets.

Microsoft the world’s leader in advanced technological services, including product development, software, consumer electronics, and other products and services for both consumers and businesses.

Samsung is a leader in technological advancements across various verticals, including electronics, fashion, construction, medicine, finance, and many others. Their flagship organization, Samsung Electronics, provides world-class, highly innovative consumer and business electronics to satisfied consumers around the world.

iHeart Radio is a digital music and radio streaming service responsible for both curated artist radio stations as well as hundreds of live radio stations for users to customize their listening experience on an entirely new level.

Over 16 years of experience in business development, licensing, digital strategy, and vetting of new technologies for music and media related businesses. Previous executive within Universal Music Group’s Global Digital Business group managing relationships and negotiating with many of the country’s most prominent music services and retailers including Apple, YouTube/Google Play, Amazon, Microsoft, Rhapsody/Napster, among many others. Finance background, process and operations minded and an avid baker.

Digital, Influencer & Traditional Marketing Strategy, Content Development, Sales, eCommerce, Business Development

Glenn has held senior executive roles at The Walt Disney Company’s Maker Studios, Universal and Sony Music, overseeing marketing, sales and strategy, helping lead the intersection of content, technology and brands for both disruptive and disrupted businesses. He has worked closely with some of the leading creative talent, content owners, technology platforms and brands in the world to develop successful campaigns for each partner. He has also been involved in launching start ups as both an advisor/consultant and early stage team member. He is an unfiltered yet sensible truth teller, angel investor, failed musician, and budding comedian.

Jon Vanhala is Founder/CEO of Crossfade Partners, an early stage investor and startup growth advisory firm focused where culture meets tech and brand. Roughly 1/2 his time is spent on equity projects and the other half on retained consultancy. He's a former working musician who's been a founder at an early stage VC and is the former Head of Digital & New Business at Universal Music Group's biggest label group. Today Jon works in the trenches with creators and builders of all strata from developing artists to global, social superstars and early stage startups to global enterprise companies.

As a startup mentor, investor, advisor, board member he's vetted a ton of startup pitches, and helped startup creators and builders with strategy, fundraising, growth, strategic partnerships and with acquisitions and exits. A former full-time professional musician & trained improviser, Jon's first startup was the first band he formed back in high school.

Steffen Hartleib is a Data Analytics, E-commerce, Marketing, and Product expert with over 15 years of entertainment and media industry experience. He's held leadership positions at BMG and Sony Music where he helped to build the music industry's first direct to consumer business from the ground up. Most recently he served as the president of, the leading daily deal site for Vinyl LP enthusiasts. He's passionate about building teams, designing processes, and solving complex data intensive problems. Steffen holds a BA from Berklee College of Music, an MBA from Concordia University, and a Data Science Certification from the John Hopkins University.

Melissa is an avid music consumer - you name it, she listens to it! Her passion for fusing music and marketing together helped her graduate summa cum laude with a BA in Music Industry and Production from Ramapo College of New Jersey in May 2017. She has been an enthusiastic part of the Barefoot Media team since 2015, and has held previous supporting roles at The Orchard, The Walt Disney Company, and MTV/Viacom. When she's not busy working, she loves to write music, record cover songs for her YouTube channel, read, and exercise.

Over 30 years in the design profession, encompassing art direction, branding, user experience, research and development, ideation and executive sounding board. Nelson Started his career in communications and branding design for Goldman Sachs and Citicorp/Citibank. Afterwards moving on to Sony Music, leading their New Media Lab in developing digitally enhanced consumer products, leveraging emerging technologies, as well as working on early music services (Pressplay, Napster). His role expanded into working with Sony Music’s sister companies PlayStation, Sony Electronics and Sony Ericsson in joint venture developments (PlayStation Portable products, Sony Connect, PlayStation Entertainment Network). Afterwards Nelson moved on to the parent company Sony Corporation reporting to the CTO, where he worked on “disrupting” the corporate silos, focusing on unified user experiences on hardware and software, cross company product development, design research and long term strategies.

After leaving Sony Corporation in 2006 Nelson has been operating as an independent creative consultant with a focus on the entertainment industry. Over the years he has produced works for a variety of artists from Michael Jackson, Ozzy Osborne, Elton John, Glenn Campbell, to Danzig and Soundgarden.

In his spare time Nelson is addicted to the mind/body connection of archery, seeking that one perfect shot, one arrow at a time.

Peter Berkowitz has taken many brands and entertainment properties across multiple media platforms. As technology changes and broadens, he has been on the forefront of developing new revenue streams and maximizing growth opportunities. Beginning his career in pay-per-view television, Peter ran the marketing and distribution efforts for the industry’s top grossing music or sporting program for each of nine years, working with companies including PolyGram Records, Island Records, NBC, ESPN, Ultimate Fighting Championship and World Wrestling Entertainment. Additionally, he marketed the launch of several cable networks and pay-per-view products such as The Food Network, The Health Channel and WWE Fanatic Series. Peter has also produced over one hundred concerts, served as product manager on several Gold and Platinum CDs and worked with Sony Music’s catalog division, Legacy Recordings, to develop and execute its digital strategy. While at Sony Music, Peter served as a digital business development executive, working to produce strategies and create partnerships with emerging and established mobile, online and television entities. Currently, Peter oversees the business development agency he found, Golden Road Entertainment, which works with music artists, record labels, venues and other entertainment companies to create and develop partnerships, new businesses and increased revenue opportunities. Golden Road has structured deals and partnerships with Katy Perry, Jordin Sparks, The Zombies, The Band Perry, Santana and others; Sony Legacy, RCA, Columbia Records, Rhino Entertainment; Madison Square Garden, Citi Field and Rainbow Room; and with companies including Schick, Just Born and Rovio (Angry Birds).

I am a web developer (previously in a corporate environment at Sony for 12 years + 9 years independently) / social media savant / project manager / digital strategist / team leader / WordPress pusher / eCommerce specialist / Online community manager / Facebook app developer / streaming media specialist / CRM enthusiast / trivia buff / James Bond junkie / beer snob / dog lover / New Yorker reader / air guitarist happily residing in scenic Austin, TX.

I have helped to plan, create and maintain web sites, developed & implemented online marketing promotions & started various digital initiatives for such people as Roger Waters, Tori Amos, The Pretenders, David Bowie, Kiss, Lou Reed, Rage Against the Machine, Pearl Jam, Fiona Apple, Celine Dion, Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan, Barbra Streisand, Beyonce, Michael Jackson, Shakira, Yo-Yo Ma, Miles Davis, Jeff Buckley, Pink Floyd, Slayer and hundreds of other artists. Yes, I’ve met many of them and yes, most of them are nice.

I now operate a thriving consultancy practice to multiple record labels (Sony Music / Columbia Records / Epic Records / Legacy Recordings / Sony Classical / CBS Records / Shangri-La Music / Universal Music Group / Decca / Verve), independent artists, law firms, Amnesty International and various non-music projects doing web sites, social networking implementations and advising as well as mobile application development. I have a degree in Computer Science from New York University. I’m

Seth Schachner is Managing Director of Strat Americas, a Miami and Los Angeles-based consultancy that provides strategic guidance and helps global clients with media and technology partnerships. Strat Americas has worked in virtual reality, digital music, video, and the mobile sector.

Seth spent eleven years with Sony Music, where he held senior digital leadership roles in Latin America and for Sony’s Jive Records label group in North America. Previously, Schachner has held business development roles with Microsoft, Liberty Media, Viacom, and Universal Music. Seth was one of AOL’s first business development executives, negotiating its first content deals with the American music industry. A Columbia University graduate, Schachner is currently Chairman of Florida's Film & Entertainment Advisory Council, which helps guide Florida on state film and entertainment growth strategies.